29th January 2024


I visited Telemark in Norway for the first time recently, and just in time to see it really showing off; snow blanketing the Norwegian landscape. We drove about 3.5 hours from Oslo (actually, make it 4.5 with all the snow on the roads), and the views from the road were too much to handle. When I say we stepped into a winter fairytale I really do mean it; frosted treetops, frozen streams, mammoth-sized icicles. Matthew always teases me for falling asleep so easily on road trips, but giving into the shut-eye wasn't an option with this much beauty around us.

We stayed in the most gorgeous cabin with views of both the mountains and the nearby lake, which started every day frosted over and steaming from the temperature difference. This trip reached a new temperature low for us, sitting at about -25 celsius on average. We got very good at thermal layering and fire lighting, that's for sure! Treated with an early morning of magical cotton candy skies and freezing temperatures, we made our way into the mountains for a touch of skiing. It was a first time for me, so took some getting used to! But the slow learning pace meant I had even more time to appreciate the insane landscapes around me. I've decided that's enough of a reason for me to ski; the adrenaline that I'm sure will come with actually making it down a run is just a bonus.

Every time I travel into these remote parts where quiet is the norm, I always find myself thinking 'why not just stay?' but honestly, I think travelling to Norway from busy London only makes these experiences more magical, and makes me even more grateful for it. I think like most things, I would become desensitised to it, and it would become 'normal' after a while, however impossible that is to believe right now.

As our cabin weekend retreat came to an end, we left with an even deeper appreciation for the slow living, quiet joys of a Norwegian Winter. Cosy - or koselig - has taken on a whole new meaning after this trip.

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